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Online Work-Life Resources

Members receive a direct link to their own personalized work and life resources center.


This site includes information and resources for consumers, professionals and students. The directory includes research, treatment options, publications, legal issues, statistics and a support center for all types of mental health concerns.

Dr. Koop's Mental Health Center

Easy to navigate, this site lists major mental health topics along the left side of the screen, with additional topics of interest and wellness resources in the main body of the screen. When a member clicks on a topic, all of the other articles that have appeared on the site are listed so they can research at whatever depth they're comfortable.

MEDLINE Plus Health Information

This government-run site is a good starting point for finding on-target and reliable health information. Check out MedlinePlus, the world’s largest medical library, online or off. It's a huge database of research literature and members can use it to find good health sites run by a variety of institutions.

Mayo Clinic's Mental Health Center

Comprehensive information about illness and prevention. The medical diagnoses are listed from A to Z and are not exclusively mental health, so members have to know what they’re looking for before they start. Members can also browse Mayo specialists’ answers to other reader questions or email their own.